RIP AvantTrash

I don’t know where the name came from but it’s overstayed it’s welcome. It’s all over my usernames and I’m not sure I liked it from the beginning. It was just a name to represent the new and disposable nature of our swipe-friendly culture. It didn’t work as a blog, it didn’t work on clothing and it didn’t work when I had to explain and say it’s name twice. Also people hate the French. This domain will be expiring in a couple months, and I will let it pass away.

I’m not saying everything that was done here was bad. Myself and my former best friend and co-author (90% my fault) that started this blog had a great time writing about shows back from 2008-2010. We saw a lot of good bands for free, got to do a few interesting interviews, and got to stretch our legs as writers. Sometimes it just felt like we were disseminating information from various PR and Labels, and somewhat, we did. For tickets, merch, hits, whatever. It was fun, I still check the stats every so often and aside from the web bots it seems like a decent amount of people stumble across this page. A few thousand a year even.

Eventually they will have to see it all from the Internet Wayback machine. All things pass away, few will care or notice. I’ve gone back and read some of the posts… angry, crazy stuff. I’m not that same person anymore and I think I’m glad. What an angry asshole I am and was. I think I’m glad I had this outlet to vent some of the pent up fury and more so I’m glad it motivated me to seek out and consume so much new music that helped ease the transition into a new city and a new outlook. But as a friendship ended, this fire burnt out.

So thanks to anyone that read this while it was around. Visit my design/personal website at and maybe there will be more writing in the future in one form or another. I’ve been meaning to put together a small book of observations from driving a cab in Nebraska in the winter time.

I enjoyed writing this and for a while I was really passionate about it. I’m glad I got to share so much new music with you guys.


The Woodstock of Comedy? The Bonnaroo of Laughs? One of the first and definitely the biggest comedy festival of it’s type is set for Saturday, October 19th at Santa Monica Pier. Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass have assembled the greatest who’s-who of comedy teams, troupes, duos and heavyweights with FESTIVAL SUPREME.

Festival Supreme

Let me know if you’ve heard of any of these acts: Tim and Eric / The Mr. Show Experience / The Mighty Boosh / Sarah Silverman / Zach Galifianakis / Adam Sandler / The Gregory Brothers / Tig Notaro / Hannibal Buress / Eric Idle / Fred Armisen / Princess (Maya Rudolph & Gretchen Lieberum) / Will Forte / Demetri Martin / Dynasty Handbag / Reggie Watts / Beardyman / Garfunkel & Oates / Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious / Triumph the Insult Comic Dog / Neil Hamburger Band / The Abe Lincoln Story / Nancy and Beth (Megan Mullaly and Stephanie Hunt) / and of course – Tenacious D

I think the only thing missing is a full Monty Python reunion and maybe MTV’s The State.

Ticket Pre-Sale is this Wednesday, June 12th at 10am here; the password is SUPREME
The cost is $99 before the obligatory raped-for-your-convenience fees. Please, buy me one while you’re at it!

Festival Supreme on Facebook and Twitter

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You Should Know: UUVVWWZ

uuvvwwzI recommend this band not because they are friends but because they could be important.

I first met Teal Gardner (lead singer, UUVVWWZ) through my friend and former AvantTrash co-author, AliUptown, when they were still in high school in Lincoln, NE. She had a creative and crazy energy that if channeled properly, I knew it could make some very interesting art. A few years later I found that to be true when I saw her play a very strange and noisy solo set, just her and a guitar at The Chatterbox (reincarned at The Bourbon). It might have even been an Open Mic Night that I was running sound for, I remember there were maybe 15 people in the whole place at that time. I turned to Anders, the drummer of the band I was in at the time, and said, “We need to start a band with this girl, she can sing her ass off.” Her guitar playing was minimal and ham-fisted, and there were a lot of weird, passionate squeals and tortured shrieky trills; but her voice had that quality that some singers just have and other singers work their whole lives trying to achieve. Graduation came a few months later and after a wanderlust trip to the West Coast to visit friends accidentally turned into my invitation to LA and that was that.

I later heard that a band had been formed by Teal and guitarist (and another former sound guy at The Chatterbox), Jim Schroeder. The fit couldn’t have been more perfect as. UUVVWWZ’s style is cemented by the compliment of Teal’s cacophonous creative crooning and copypasta lyrics with Jim’s prog-garage-psychedelic acid acrobatic soundscraps. The fertile ground for these postmodern melodies is given sonic stability soil by the fuzzed-to-death bass of Dustin Wilbourn (another Chatterbox sound guy) and new drummer David Ozinga. This rhythm section makes some very effective decisions with the limited amount of space it has been provided. Music this close to the edge of madness would easily be cluttered up by less-humble players.

A lot of bands seem to be really trying to be avant, noise, or weird for no reason. Somehow they must think that it pushes the boundaries of their genre or possibly they are genuinely pushing for something new. But what gives UU credibility is that they are actually pulling this all off. UUVVWWZ has been labeled as “avant blues” and makes good on that promise. And if this is the blues then Lincoln-Omaha is the new Mississippi Delta. Plan your boxcar journeys accordingly.

Below is a preview of their upcoming Saddle Creek release The Trusted Language out next Tuesday, Feb 5th. (February Tour Dates Below)

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For Your Consideration: Icky Blossoms – “Babes”

Omaha’s Icky Blossoms features Tilly and the Wall‘s Derek Pressnall, filmmaker/musician Nik Fackler, and vocalist Sarah Bohling. The band just completed the recording of their debut album with TV on The Radio’s Dave Sitek producing. You can download their track “Babes” below from Saddle Creek.

If you find yourself in Austin next week, please stop by one of these shows:
Nik Fackler is playing my SGIcky Blossoms at SXSW:
Thursday 3/15 @ Waterloo Records – 2:00PM
Friday 3/16 – Saddle Creek Showcase @ Lamberts – 7:30PM
Saturday 3/17 – Mad Decent Party @ Emo’s East – 12:00PM

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day is werewolves and bondage.

Happy Valentine’s Day, you filthy animals.

February Is for Mating

Actually, there is no proof that the good priest Valentine even existed.

Some scholars trace the period of mid-February as a time for mating back to ancient Egypt. On those same days of the year that contemporary lovers devote to St. Valentine, men and women of the Egyptian lower classes determined their marital partners by the drawing of lots.

But the time of coupling that comes with the cold nights in February before the spring thaw likely had its true origin very near where Valentine supposedly met his demise.

Among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Wolf Charmer was called the Lupicinus. Perhaps hearkening back to prehistoric times, the Lupicinus may well have been an individual tribesman who had a particular affinity for communicating with wolves. As the tribes developed agriculture and small villages, it was necessary to have a person skilled in singing with the wolves and convincing them not to attack their domesticated animals. The Lupicinus had the ability to howl with the wolves and lead them away from the livestock pens. In some views, because he also wore the pelt of a wolf, the Lupicinus also had the power to transform himself into a wolf if he so desired.

Rites of the Lupercalia

The annual Lupercali festival of the Romans on February 15 was a perpetuation of the ancient blooding rites of the hunter in which the novice is smeared with the blood of his first kill. The sacrificial slaying of a goat-representing the flocks that nourished early humans in their efforts to establish permanent dwelling places-was followed by the sacrifice of a dog, the watchful protector of a flock that would be the first to be killed by attacking wolves.

The blood of the she-goat and the dog were mixed, and a bloodstained knife was dipped into the fluid and drawn slowly across the foreheads of two noble-born children. Once the children had been “blooded,” the gore was wiped off their foreheads with wool that had been dipped in goat milk. As the children were being cleansed, they were expected to laugh, thereby demonstrating their lack of fear of blood and their acknowledgment that they had received the magic of protection against wolves and wolfmen.

The god Lupercus, represented by a wolf, would next inspire and command men to behave as wolves, to act as werewolves during the festival.

Lupus (wolf) itself is not an authentic or original Latin word, but was borrowed from the Sabine dialect. Luperca, the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, may have given rise to secret fraternities known as the Luperci, who sacrificed she-goats at the entrances to their “wolves’ dens.” For centuries, the Luperci observed an annual ritual of chasing women through the streets of Roman cities and beating them with leather thongs.

Scholars generally agree that such a violent expression of eroticism celebrated the ancient behavior of primitive hunting tribes corraling captive women. Once a wolfman had ensnared a woman with his whip or thong, he would lead her away to be his wife or lover for as long as the “romance” lasted. Perhaps, as some scholars theorize, this yearly rite of lashing at women and lassoing them with leather thongs became a more acceptable substitute for the bloodlust of the Luperci’s latent werewolfism that in days past had seen them tearing the flesh of innocent victims with their teeth.

As the Romans grew ever more sophisticated, the Lupercali would be celebrated by a man binding the lady of his choice wrist to wrist, and later by passing a billet to his object of desire, suggesting a romantic rendezvous in some secluded place.”


Amanda Palmer – cover of Nirvana’s “Polly” Video Released Today

Amanda “Fucking” Palmer recorded a chilling cover of “Polly” for SPIN Magazine’s tribute issue & compilation to Nirvana’s “Nevermind” last year. Recorded with members of her live touring band, Chad Raines and Michael McQuilken,the record was cut at Yale University (using many of the theater department’s special effects instruments and toys). McQuilken and Raines will be joined by bassist Jherek Bischoff (and many others) this spring to break ground on Palmer’s new recording and touring project, entitled “Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra”.

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I wish these guys would “shuffle” LMFAO off this mortal coil. DIE ANTWOORD – “I FINK YOU FREEKY”

The more Yo-Landi tries to scare me the more I like her. Fav part of the song: the build up @ 1:50.