I Fight Dragons – Power Of Love (Huey Lewis & The News Cover)

Off of their new EP Welcome to the Breakdown, here is I FIGHT DRAGONS‘ cover of “Power of Love” from one of the greatest movies ever ever ever! I missed these guys at The Viper Room last year but I was told they are amazing live.

“During 2009, their chiptunes-infused post-punk power pop lit Chicago aflame… Concert goers were wowed as they rocked out with not just guitars and drums, but every accessory ever made for the Nintendo Entertainment System re-wired as musical instruments.” -Consequence of Sound

Thank You, Conan! But our Princess is in another castle!

I’ve yet to see Big Red around L.A. yet but I can’t wait until I do. Surely with nothing else to do during the day I will bump into a segment taping at some point. I noticed that there was something familiar about his new backdrop at Universal Studios and now I know why. It totally looks like the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario Bros. (image via LAist)

Speaking of SMB, I got a chance to play a demo of Super Mario Bros. Wii @ the E3 Gaming Expo on Wednesday and it was pretty fun! You really never lose the ability to play Mario bros. It’s like riding a bike or overthrowing Central American governments.

Super Mario Tonight Show!

Like finding the Triforce of Nerddom: The Link Cosplay Girls

This is what heaven is like for dorks.

Oh my sweet lord of geekery. What is going on with my “Master Sword” right now? I think that Gannon has cast a solidify spell in my pants.

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NES controller coffee table/storage box

Nes Coffee Table

Oooooh…tight. As simple as this is I think it trumps the douche-owned Han Solo Carbonite desk. It looks awesome (very well crafted), can be used as very much needed storage for NESessories (i just made that up) and perhaps best of all, IT IS A FUNCTIONAL CONTROLLER! Snap!

Ok I got one more. It holds all of your NESessities. (hire me)

via Unplggd

Bowser Re-Tooned

So with the detoonings of Mario, Homer, and Jessica Rabbit by Pixeloo, its about time someone else got involved. But as opposed to a photorealistic rendering, Essenmitsosse throws down more of a photo-esque re-tooning of Mario’s reptilian nemesis. Click the image and be magically transported down the green tube to see and read more.

16-bit insanity: In honor of my Nintendo and SNES.

I have a TV now! Although I shant hardly use it for anything besides movies, the occasional awards show or 30 rock episode it is already performing its prime directive… powering my Nintendo lust. Through sheer coincidence or possibly Nintendo’s overwhelming dominance of modern pop culture I stumbled across a new site today called The Tanooki. I unfortunately had a lonely enough childhood to know that the Tanooki is Mario’s Adorable Raccoon suit from SMB3. This site is an obsessive tribute to all things Nintendo where I found such gems as a frightening, lifelike rendering of Mario and a NES harmonica (you know, cause you blow into it).

Itsa mee! Frightening! nes harmonica

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some mushrooms to eat and some tiny dinosaurs to ride.