Whats the ‘Big Deal’ with Brimstone Howl?

BrimstoneHowl.BigDealLincoln/Grand Island, NE’s garage rock tornado, Brimstone Howl have a new album coming out TODAY (Nov.24th) on Alive Records. Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?* was recorded at The Distillery in Costa Mesa, CA with engineer/producer Mike McHugh, known for his work with Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams. The album has a less aggressive sound that Lead Singer/Guitarist John Ziegler admits is thematically “a little brighter” than their previous work but describes the goal of the album as ‘heat’. If you buy this album on Vinyl then you should feel the heat that Ziegler, Guitarist Nick Waggoner and Drummer Calvin Retzlaff were going for when they recorded Big Deal… in FULL ANALOG! From Tape to a Wax Master, this is certainly a warm record.

Have a listen for yourself! Here’s a free download of “Suicide Blues” off of Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately? The orange vinyl edition is available for $13 at the BOMP store.

*Yeah, the title is a Joey Ramone quote about Phil Spector.

You Should Know: Brimstone Howl

If success can be gauged by the company you keep then Nebraska’s Dirty-Punk/ Aggro-Blues Rockers Brimstone Howl are already legends. Their 7″ for Blood on the Rocks, Bones in the River was recorded back in 2006 by wunderkind Texas garage rocker Jay Reatard. You’ll have to hook a lie detector to most hipsters who would claim they even knew who Reatard was back then. Since then they have recorded 2007′s Guts Of Steel with producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and this year’s We Came In Peace produced by Jim Diamond who co-produced the first two White Stripes records.

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