I Fight Dragons – Power Of Love (Huey Lewis & The News Cover)

Off of their new EP Welcome to the Breakdown, here is I FIGHT DRAGONS‘ cover of “Power of Love” from one of the greatest movies ever ever ever! I missed these guys at The Viper Room last year but I was told they are amazing live.

“During 2009, their chiptunes-infused post-punk power pop lit Chicago aflame… Concert goers were wowed as they rocked out with not just guitars and drums, but every accessory ever made for the Nintendo Entertainment System re-wired as musical instruments.” -Consequence of Sound

For Your Consideration: Deluka (Birmingham, UK)

Deluka‘s sound is like (Roxette minus the dude) + (The Pretenders minus the US) + Birmingham, UK (minus Black Sabbath). It’s kinda scuzzy and reeking of early late-80s or early-early 90s. Like that bit of pre-grunge when there were those Time-Life Living in the 90′s CD/Cassette commercials because people thought just because the decade changed it was a like whole new world! (Harder to say, “What the hell, it’s the ’10s!) The current single “Cascade” has a relaxed structure that takes it’s time in a very British way and has seen recent placement on MTV as well as some rotation on coastal radio and placement in Grand Theft Auto. The video for “Cascade” is the directorial debut of fashion photographer Antoine Verglas who has shot for everything from Vogue to Sports Illustrated. He has thankfully turned his focus to Deluka lead singer and burgeoning Siouxie Sioux clone Ellie Innocenti who aside from being an art-school raven also has a name that rolls off the tongue like hot syrup. (I think my subconscious is telling me i’m due for some IHOP.)

Tommy Sparks “She’s Got Me Dancing” dir. Eric Wareheim

Here’s the hypersonic video for Tommy Sparks “She’s Got Me Dancing” directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!

If Tim and Eric didn’t hire these people…who would?

To Do in L.A. – ‘Forbidden Zone’ at the Egyptian Theatre, July 30th

I shouldn’t have to tell you anything more than this: Danny Elfman is Satan.

Now you know what you’re going to be doing in L.A. this Wednesday the 30th at 8 pm. You’re going to see Forbidden Zone at the Egyptian. Not convinced? Here’s the trailer…

Forbidden ZoneYou need more? Needy bastard…sheesh. Well here is an AMAZING write-up from No Smoking in the Skull Cave. If I was in town Wednesday night, which I won’t be, I’d be walking the 2 blocks to Hollywood Blvd to see this movie. As if that trailer and this photoshop vomit of a poster aren’t enough then how about some special guests? This is Hollywood after all and you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone famous. There will be a Q&A with Director Richard Elfman, I’m sure some actors from the film will be there and its rumored that there may be an appearance by Jack Skellington’s singing voice himself, brother Danny Elfman.

I’d first heard about this movie from Brian Ibbott’s excellent Coverville Podcast. And other than that I’ve heard it described as cheesier than Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment put together. The Soundtrack is provided by early Oingo Boingo back when it was The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.

And perhaps the secret weapon of this film… HervĂ© Fucking Villechaize. Tattoo from Fantasy Island’s ghost will be in the theatre with you.

Animation, Blackface, Nudity! Bring the kids!

WED JULY 30th, 8:00 PM
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater

Official Website: http://www.forbiddenzonethemovie.com/
Tickets Available at Fandango.

“Just keep telling yourself, It’s only a movie…that will have you living in the 6th dimension… Living in the wrong direction… The Forbidden Zone.”

16-bit insanity: In honor of my Nintendo and SNES.

I have a TV now! Although I shant hardly use it for anything besides movies, the occasional awards show or 30 rock episode it is already performing its prime directive… powering my Nintendo lust. Through sheer coincidence or possibly Nintendo’s overwhelming dominance of modern pop culture I stumbled across a new site today called The Tanooki. I unfortunately had a lonely enough childhood to know that the Tanooki is Mario’s Adorable Raccoon suit from SMB3. This site is an obsessive tribute to all things Nintendo where I found such gems as a frightening, lifelike rendering of Mario and a NES harmonica (you know, cause you blow into it).

Itsa mee! Frightening! nes harmonica

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some mushrooms to eat and some tiny dinosaurs to ride.