You Should Know: KAV – “Pass The Gun” Live in LA

From the forthcoming DVD here is KAV‘s “Pass The Gun” Live @ Bedrock Studios in LA (Echo Park). The DVD will be packaged with the forthcoming debut full length LP with your donation through PledgeMusic. Check it out and most importantly DONATE!!!

Damn that’s a good looking bunch of lads, but can anyone understand what the bassist is saying?

Cazwell’s “Unzip Me” featuring Peaches

A match made in gay heaven. Underground dance sensation Cazwell and aggressive/glamorous electro queen Peaches have teamed up for the raunchy electro banger “Unzip Me”. The video, directed by Bec Stupak (Lady Gaga’s Alejandro), debuted earlier this week on The Huffington Post. The track is from Cazwell’s upcoming full-length album, ‘Hard To Be Fresh’, out next year.

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You Should Know: Gotye f/Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used To Know” Live @ KCRW

This is one of those songs that I only found out about a couple weeks ago and listened to it like 20 times straight. That doesn’t happen very often anymore.

Strange how there is still such a cultural divide between Australia and the US. It takes an insane amount of effort for artists to cross the Pacific. Sad, really. There should be an exchange program. I volunteer.

3:02 is my favorite part. Kimbra is like an Oz P.J.Harvey. Her Emperor Palpatine finger zaps are adorkable. Maybe she’s secretly a T-Rex. Gotye’s name (because we all say it wrong until we wiki it) is pronounced gore-ti-yeah. Then again Australians pronounce “No” as “Nor” so it’s all fair game I’m sure.

Dude is 10 days younger than me. My god, what have I done with my life.

Dënver – “Los adolescentes”

I wish America taught other languages than stupid English to kids in public school so I knew what the fuck they were saying in this video.

Oh and I guess I should warn you that there are a couple almost NSFW moments in this video unless you live outside of America then it’s pretty much all tame and fair game.

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Foo Fighters w/ Joan Jett – “Bad Reputation” live on Letterman

Look at all of the old punk rockers. Fact: Pat Smear and Joan Jett haven’t aged since 1980.

With punk rock you either destroy yourself or you’ll live forever.

Today goes up to 11. That’s one more, innit?

Why didn’t we just make last year louder?

Happy 11-11-11. Enjoy the fine line between brilliant and stupid today.

NEW! Band of Skulls – “The Devil Takes Care Of His Own”

The Devil really does take care of his own. Just look at how well he treats his minions on Wall St. and in Congress!
God fucking hates Africans for some reason. That’s why I think he’s a dickhead.

Love me some Band of Skulls. Once saw them 4 times in one week in LA a couple years ago. The new rekkid is called Sweet Sour and comes out  Feb 21, 2012 in the US (and Feb 20th everywhere else).


fun. f/Janelle Monáe – “We Are Young” (live acoustic)

If we were to jump in the way back machine and set it for the middle of the 00′s, my co-author and I would probably take another chance to see Phoenix’s The Format before they split up. But until they figure out this whole super string theory/ time travel thing, we have moved on to lead singer Nate Ruess’ current project FUN! oops, wait. Let me try that again: fun. Ok, thats better.

And what a treat I received in my inbox today! Seems they’ve recorded a live acoustic version of their achingly beautiful new single “We Are Young” with vocals from pint-sized dynamo and another AvantTrash favorite, Janelle Monáe, whom fun. will be on the road supporting this fall. Xmas comes early this year!

Unfortunately fun.’s Some Nights, the follow-up to their 2010 debut Aim and Ignite, won’t be released until February 21st of 2012. So I’d recommend you catch them live and get a jump start on loving the next record.

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Lady Gaga Set to Release Born This Way: The Collection

Just in time to buy me for Christmas for the holidays, Lady Gaga is set to release the perfect gifts for the Little Monsters in your life a.k.a. me. On November 21st, the Emmy Award-winning HBO special Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden, along with Born This Way: The Remix will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray. The remix album will feature 14 tracks of…well, remixes by the likes of Foster the People, Michael Woods, Goldfrapp, Metronomy, Hurts, Twin Shadow and more. The combo will be available in a special package called Born This Way, The Collection and will also include the multi-platinum 17-track Born This Way as well.

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For Your Consideration: Nikki Lane – “Sleep For You”

Here’s a nice, short song drenched in Beach Boys drums and a crying steel guitar. “Sleep For You” Borders on country and AM radio and comes from Nikki Lane‘s debut record awesomely titled “Walk Of Shame” it might just be the soundtrack to the morning after your next bad set of decisions. Definitely worth a spin and a shot of Jameson on this cold Thursday.

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What do you tell your kids when they find your dungeon? SXSW Film Fest selection ‘The Other F Word’ out Nov 2nd [Trailer]

Do you think their kids are going to grow up to be totally cool or as an act of rebellion they are all going to be accountants?

Disclaimer: The world is overpopulated and chances are you are boring. These guys are cool enough to have kids, you’re probably not.

Check back once you’ve turned interesting.

Wallpaper. + Augenblick Studios bring the delightfully twisted video for “Fucking Best Song Everrr”

MTV may not play actual MUSIC anymore but they’ve recently brought back Liquid Television, sorta, by posting a limited amount of content online. Today under the banner of Liquid Television they released a video for Wallpaper.‘s “Fucking Best Song Everrr” off of the album #STUPiDFACEDD a more disjointed romp compared to their earlier work but somewhat fitting for the absurdity of it’s video. And when I think of absurd or surreal animation nowadays I think only of Augenblick Studios, the house responsible for Ugly Americans, the first 2 seasons of Superjail! as well as much of the grotesquery that made Wonder Showzen the beautifully fucked up thing that it was.
The world needs less reality tv and more surreal fucked up animation. Because of this and the fact that I’ve never been disappointed by Wallpaper. Live. I fully endorse this video. Turn off your mind as far as it will go and enjoy.

PLEDGEMUSIC: Art and Charity working in Harmony.

Steve Jobs was more than a visionary, he was a liberator. When the iPod popularized MP3s it killed CDs which in effect sacrificed the cash cow of the Record Industry and the model it had known for 50 years. For many in the biz, the party of the 70′s and 80′s was over but at the artist’s level it became an even playing field where the song you’d recorded for $50 in a garage could do just as well on iTunes as the Brittney Spears track recorded for hundreds of thousands.

With the rise of programs like Kickstarter, entrepreneurs are able to raise capital by crowd-sourcing allowing them to compete in a similar manner. Combine these two principals and you’ve got PledgeMusic.

From their website:

PledgeMusic provides fans and artists the opportunity to work together to make new records and raise money for charity. By combining new social networking technology, old school music biz know how and an irresistible menu of exclusive incentives, fans can visit the site to hear great new music, enjoy and share unique experiences with the artists they love and actively participate in the release process.

PledgeMusic works to raise money for musicians through pledges from fans and friends that don’t get taken out unless the artist achieves their funding goals. There are varying levels of pledges for each project and much like NPR the more you pledge, the more you get in return. Some pledges start just below $10 with CDs and album downloads as the premium and some go up into the thousands of dollars with concerts and instruments as reward forgenerous donation. Beyond simply raising money for music a portion of your pledge also goes to the charity or charities of the artist’s choosing. Today I would like to present 2 pledges for you to consider.



High Voltage Magazine is raising funds and releasing a compilation titled, “Share To Care: Music For Life” which for a $10 features 20 tracks from up-and-coming artists such as Hurricane Bells, Bleu, Robbers On High Street, The Silent Comedy, Billy Morrison, Kim Richey, Viva City and more. The premiums go up to $200 and include VIP passes, autographed memorabilia and the chance to be a writer for High Voltage Magazine for a day.

With your pledge a portion of the donation also goes to The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF.

The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF is a joint undertaking between the Harrison family and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support UNICEF programs that provide lifesaving assistance to children, including health, education, nutrition and emergency relief. In the tradition established by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, The George Harrison Fund for UNICEF continues to support UNICEF programs in Bangladesh while expanding its influence to include other countries where children are in need.


Raising funds for their upcoming full-length debut record and US tour is UK artist KAV and His Band of Blaggers. Kav Sandhu is the former guitarist and songwriter for UK legends The Happy Mondays who were the band to introduce rave culture to modern music. Kav helped to reform the group in it’s current incarnation and for the last couple years has been out building a name with his own brand of Rock and Roll which has been compared in the press to The Stone Roses and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Full disclosure: I’m the rhythm guitarist for KAV when in the US and if this campaign is successful I’ll actually be heading overseas to play as well.

With your £8 pledge to KAV you will receive 2 albums: the debut full-length record as well as a live album recorded last July in Los Angeles. Anglophile premiums range in price from £8 up to £5,000  and include a live show at your party, introducing KAV onstage at the Viper Room in Hollywood, hanging out in London with KAV & Howard Marks, DJing with KAV and a certain UK Superstar, a Gibson Guitar and a Fender Jaguar guitar played by KAV with The Happy Mondays on Top Of The Pops.

A pledge to Kav also means a donation to the Jon Egging Trust:

On the 20th August 2011 Flt Lt Jon Egging tragically lost his life whilst completing a display at the Bournemouth Air Festival. He was coming to the end of his first year with the world-famous Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team. Before he died Jon became passionate about inspiring young people to take control of their lives through a love of flying and enthusiasm for teamwork. The Jon Egging Trust has been set up by Jon’s wife Emma to realise his dream. At present the trust is in its infancy. Over the coming months we will be developing a scheme to enable young people to develop their natural talents and take control of their future.

Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans”…semi live.

It’s always strange and forced when artists try to build a career without first getting out into the world and paying their dues in front of crowds, regardless, I’m still giving Lana Del Rey a chance. Heres a semi-live version of “Blue Jeans”.  Yeah it’s live in the respect that it seems to be real-time, one-take; but standing in front of a few camera crew members and probably a handful of industry slime is not a live show. Maybe she has crippling stage fright? Just remember to picture your audience naked. They are doing the same for you.

I still think this music was made for David Lynch films. She needs a duet with Chris Isaak.