This just in: Dollhouse gets picked up for another season, my jaw gets picked up off floor.

Clearly, I am both excited and surprised that FOX picked Dollhouse up for a second season. Nerds rejoice! I really never thought it would happen, not in a million years but it seems that DVR-viewing & online streaming saved the low-rated sci-fi show. In fact, it may be the lowest-rated series ever to get a renewal in the history of broadcast TV.

Apparently, Joss Whedon promised he could put out a second season on a smaller budget (which he’s done before). It’s also apparently going to stay at Friday’s @ 9, and will be about 6 minutes shorter per episode, since FOX’s ‘Remote-free’ viewing was a bust. BTW, the video after the jump is a random clip from my fave episode-yay Alan Tudyk!!! I got a little boner at 2:27.

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As long as the end of the world is set to Pink Floyd, it’s ok by me.

Coupling “Great Gig in the Sky” with this simulation of a 500km asteroid impact makes for a pretty emotionally evocative piece. Be sure to have the comments turned on for the play by play of the next end of the world.

“Evidence shows that this has happened 6 times in the Earth’s history.”
Live and let live, people. Life and everything we do is so petty. There is only this moment, all we have is each other and what we share. Have fun and forget about all of the bullshit that everybody tries to tell you that you should be afraid of.

via Design You Trust.

You Should Know: Liquid Sky

liquid-sky-posterThe 80s resurge is over, folks. But wait, you say, so much of this flashy dayglo bullshit is everywhere still?! True, but it’s just the remnance of a refad. If we are talking about things overstaying their welcome, all of that late 90′s  Nickleback bullshit is still hanging around like a dead corpse as well, right? (Who the fuck listens to HINDER, anyway?)

But one item obsucure and unique that we resurrected from the early age of MTV is the movie Liquid Sky (1982). Oh holy fuck is this movie a goddamned amazing  piece of crap! It gives me  a boner and a toothache as well as some heroin withdrawals just thinking about it! It was directed and produced by Soviet immigrant Slava Tsukerman with a budget of $500,000 and was filmed primarily in a Greenwich Village loft converted to a soundstage. What is a mystery to me is how they raised that kind of dough to make this film? They had to  have pitched the plot to investors to get them to put up the money to make it. What kind of sick rich fuck would have been cool/smart/crazy enough to put up the money for this flick?

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Judge Rules Asst’d Suicide Legal in Montana; Kevorkian to become MT Surgeon General

I know it’s the obvious thing to say, but if I lived in Montana I’d probably want to kill myself too. What is there to do their besides go to Yellowstone, drive a pickup and be a gay cowboy? Sure they don’t really have a speed limit but what difference does that make when you don’t really have anywhere to go?

That no speed limit thing should be the left 2 lanes of the 101 and 405, am I right Angelenos? High Five!

Continue reading – Statistically… Obama Wins!

Nate Silver is a statistician who regularly runs numbers (not for the mob) in Major League Baseball to predict who will win games/the pennant/the world series. He has applied the same knack for knumbers (tehe) to the Presidential Race on his website and thankfully. Brother Obama is gonna kick the shit out of McCancer with a pretty hawt margin. As of today he’s predicting 347.6 electoral votes for Obama (granola eating, flag burning, freedom hating blue states) to McCancer’s 190.4 in all of those shitty backward-ass states where people go to snakecharmer shaker churches and marry kin. He figures a 90.7% probablility of this glorious outcome.

Interestingly enough, because our home state of Nebraska has a state government that does shit it’s own way (Unicameral Motherfucker!), we’ve broken up our electoral votes so that theoretically the whole state’s electoral votes don’t have to just go to ONE candidate. There is a high probability that he won’t win, but Barack Obama is within 6 – 10% of McDouche in the Omaha and Lincoln based districts (the only inhabitable parts of the state). The remaining Western Nebraska district on the other hand is a cesspool of uneducated bible thumpers. Proving again that the republican candidate is very popular in places where nothing happens but sheep rape.

But you still have to vote! We haven’t officially won this thing yet, peoples! So vote the shit out of that shit on November 4th, yo!

You Should Know: Janelle Monáe – Alternative/Soul Cyborg from the future.

Isn’t it great when everything just comes together perfect?

I didn’t plan on seeing Jamie Lidell tonight at the Avalon here in Hollywood. But it just so happened that a very generous contact at Filter Magazine hooked me up with a pair of tickets to see him. I wouldn’t have gone if a friend hadn’t posted a facebook message asking if anyone was gonna go. I think because both messages landed within 10 minutes of each other then it was probably a sign (that I should get back to work and stop checking my email). But really, I wasn’t too familiar with Jamie Lidell’s work, I’ve somehow always confused him with a bunch of Hotel Cafe artists. But he put on an interesting show! He has a good band, he has a good energy and he’s like a mix between Bill Nye – The Science Guy and Elvis Costello (sans guitar). But I think what really pulled the universe in alignment was the privilege of seeing “next big thing” soul progeny Janelle Monáe.

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I feel used by 9/11 and hope those ‘truly’ responsible will pay.

I’m not talking about caves. I’m talking about banks.
I have a lot to say about why today is now important. But this sums up more than I can.

I wish we could go skateboarding again, Noah. Today reminds me most of all that we never will.

I think I’m in love with Alpinekat: YO! LHC Raps.

You know what? Fuck It! I admit it, I read Angels & Demons and was entertainted by it! <—(read that shit again, that’s a word, I just fuggin’ made it up). And hey, I’m a reasonable skeptic, I don’t think the Large “and-in-charge” Hadron Collider will destroy the Earth (oops! we’ve already done that), but kudos to science for thinking big! It made me excited to think that an egghead in Switzerland/France/Whatevs could flip a switch, pull some levers (I assume?) and it could all be over. But if it was going to happen, I’d really want to know when so I could max out my credit cards, steal a car and have plenty of unprotected sex like Republicans do, except you know, with girls!

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I just had my first real Earthquake. I felt a little tremble last year, but just now at work we had a real one.
It wasn’t scary. It must not have been very big.

[edited 8:47pm]

It was a 5.8 about 40 miles away. The walls shook for about 20 seconds. It was fun! But Its no tornado, they didn’t cancel work. : sigh : Nothing even fell off the walls in my apartment.

Here’s Judge Judy’s View:

Heres what you do if you are a douchebag:

Bad Idea: Laser Tattoos

A group of retards have posted a video on the typically super handy site Instructables showing us the dark side of the lasers (besides destroying Alderan). The uberstupid bodymod of Branding has moved from Future Primitive Hippies to the able hands of Bored Nerds. Funny, my dermotologist has ads for Laser Tattoo Removal, but there is no way to remove these.

Kids, don’t do this. Your skin just wants to give you a full body hug, don’t go burning it like you used to burn ants.

Does this remind anybody else of the tattoo scene in Starship Troopers?

Because I’m A Commie: Reasons to Vote Republican.

This video just reminded me to change my party affiliation back to Independent (I registered Democrat only for the Primary). I think joining either team guarantees that you are rolling over to take a corporate sponsored dildo up the ass. I can’t vote neither so at least I’ll vote for the one who talks about helping the environment, women’s rights and marriage equality; even if they never really do anything about it.

thanks to Shannon for the video.

I break things, eat ribs, and take kitty tranqs.

I have a sad Mac. I fucked up the screen, and it’s getting a “not covered under warranty” repair. So that’s why I’ve been sans-posting. I am expecting an email from the Republic Tigers soon, I caught them at Ribfest Chicago last weekend-review/interview/story to follow soon.

Anywho, the July 08 issue of Elle Magazine is incredible, and whilst killing time at my soul-crushing job, I stumbled across a mini-article about Ketamine.

Apparently it is now on the list of recreational drugs that shows promise as a remedy for mood disorders. With testing, it is proving to be a potential treatment for depression, more specifically, overcoming one of the greatest obstacles in treating depression: the ‘crucial lag time before medication takes effect’. That period is considered particularly high-risk for suicide. Most antidepressants can take weeks to kick in and take effect (while sometimes not working at all), while ketamine takes hours.

According to an experimental trial published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, 71% of subjects had a significant reduction in their symptoms after an infusion of ketamine. I’m interested to see any follow-up research on this theory. Apparently, those crazy club kids were on to something. I’m gonna go watch Party Monster.


Japanese Cats Playing with a Theremin.

Two great things together. Kittahs and Theremins. These cats are adorable, is Japan getting an especially cute strain of kitties?

To the uninitiated Leon Theremin was almost as important to electronics as Tesla and Edison. Beyond inventing the Theremin which was the first instrument that you didn’t even touch to play, he also invented a few dozen other gizmos that are now the basis of synthesizers and electronic music. Theremin also created the “Buran” eavesdropping system which recorded conversations in French and American embassies by measuring the window glass vibrations using a low power infrared beam from a distance. But really anyone could have done that right?

And he probably invented untold hundreds of spy-sci while working for the KGB.

kitties via ApartmentTherapy.

Magical Pig Stomache Dust Regrows Fingers

British Witchcraft!

Lee Spievak lost the tip of his finger to a model airplane’s propellor. His brother just happens to be involved in Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine. So like any good bro he sent him some magical pixie dust made from pig guts (like so many other magical pixie dusts are made from). Within a month the rest of his finger grew back… including his fingerprint.

Why would we not fund this?!!

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

Dr. Albert Hoffman, a Swiss scientist best known for synthesizing LSD, died yesterday at the age of 102.

He first discovered the effects after accidentally ingesting some of the drug through his fingertips, and argued for decades that it could be an effective treatment of mental illness.

Hofmann called LSD “medicine for the soul” and was frustrated by the worldwide prohibition that pushed it underground. “It was used very successfully for 10 years in psychoanalysis,” he said, adding that the drug was hijacked by the youth movement of the 1960s and then unfairly demonized by the establishment that the movement opposed.

Here’s a great article about him, written a couple years ago, about his feeligns over what he affectionately called his “problem child”. Thats cute. Acid is like a snot-nosed kid who gets bad grades.

article via NY Times