I’m in this…but just for a second: “Dr. Riley, Esq. P.I.” by Chad Fogland

I’m the one taking pictures at the crime scene.

Whats the ‘Big Deal’ with Brimstone Howl?

BrimstoneHowl.BigDealLincoln/Grand Island, NE’s garage rock tornado, Brimstone Howl have a new album coming out TODAY (Nov.24th) on Alive Records. Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?* was recorded at The Distillery in Costa Mesa, CA with engineer/producer Mike McHugh, known for his work with Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams. The album has a less aggressive sound that Lead Singer/Guitarist John Ziegler admits is thematically “a little brighter” than their previous work but describes the goal of the album as ‘heat’. If you buy this album on Vinyl then you should feel the heat that Ziegler, Guitarist Nick Waggoner and Drummer Calvin Retzlaff were going for when they recorded Big Deal… in FULL ANALOG! From Tape to a Wax Master, this is certainly a warm record.

Have a listen for yourself! Here’s a free download of “Suicide Blues” off of Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately? The orange vinyl edition is available for $13 at the BOMP store.

*Yeah, the title is a Joey Ramone quote about Phil Spector.

Guyliner alert! (and an avanttrash exclusive after the jump)


Recently, while going through a bunch of boxes in my mom’s basement in preparation for a garage sale that never happened, I came across a big shoe box full of pictures. Nearly all of them band pics from roughly 1998-2002, when just about everyone I knew (including myself) were involved in some sort of local rock band. Grand Island in 1999-2000, specifically, were  golden years. It seemed like every damn kid in G.I.  was in a band and every weekend you could find a show at the Super Bowl or Westside Lanes or The Rock or even Max McGruder’s. There was nothing to do in that town except meth, so any excuse to watch the owner of the Super Bowl move his fake teeth in and out of his mouth if it meant getting to hang out with everyone for a few hours was always worth it.  Of course, everybody sucked, but that didn’t stop us from thinking we were awesome. We painted our fingernails and acted ridiculously cool in the most melodramatic manner possible. T.J. wore his guyliner; I had sparkles in my hair.  We were all going to get signed, after all and we had to look and act the part.  It was only a matter of time…

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Sheer Heart Attack : Bacony Sausage Log w/Cheese

They said on the radio this week that the Super Bowl in America has surpassed Thanksgiving as the #1 eating holiday or that people eat more on SuperSunday or some shit. Well to all of you gastrointestinal combatants: Meat your maker. My good friend Duck sent me this pic today of what he described as:

“One pound of sausage wrapped in a bacon weave. With cheese and fried bacon center.”

Sausage with a bacon and cheese center and a Bacon Weave

Sweet Christ. Does it come with a heart defibrillator? Mad props for the BACON WEAVE. I’m not sure those words have been put together before. And if they have then maybe that person just never lived to tell.

It’s like a Meat Twinkie of Doom!

You Should Know: Brimstone Howl

If success can be gauged by the company you keep then Nebraska’s Dirty-Punk/ Aggro-Blues Rockers Brimstone Howl are already legends. Their 7″ for Blood on the Rocks, Bones in the River was recorded back in 2006 by wunderkind Texas garage rocker Jay Reatard. You’ll have to hook a lie detector to most hipsters who would claim they even knew who Reatard was back then. Since then they have recorded 2007′s Guts Of Steel with producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and this year’s We Came In Peace produced by Jim Diamond who co-produced the first two White Stripes records.

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Don’t Meth with Grand Island.

My hometown of Grand Island, Nebraska was known for years (and still is I believe) as a METH CAPITOL. For shame? Fuck No! I take it as a point of pride! Let me tell you what, buddy, for a town of 50,000 it’s good to be known for anything at all. Being the birthplace of Henry Fonda and the site of the “Night of the Twisters” just wasn’t keeping us going, it took the phenomena of blue collar workers, bored teenagers, and plenty of empty space to make us the absolute best place to make, sell, and distribute Crystal Meth. If it sounds like an advertisement, it is! My hometown was awesome! I wish that I could live there now… but still live in L.A. of course. Not because of the Meth but because it’s so fucking fun to watch!

My hometown is what I would call a very small pond. And in this pond there are many, many odd fishes. Kinda like when they build new unmanned submarines that can dive to parts of the ocean that have never been seen by man and there are all of those fish that have glowing lights and strange tentacles and bug eyes… same thing. Sometimes I wish I could go there to disconnect ya know? Just do like 2 designs a month just to pay my 300 bucks a month rent (FOR A HOUSE) and drink $1.75 Miller High Life at a dive bar. The only problem, almost all of the eligible females moved away and went to college never to return.

But it would also be great to live there because there is so much that you could do FOR a place like that. When I was growing up we had NOTHING to do. Seriously. We used to have to put on DIY concerts there because there was no place to play music. We had a venue for a while but the city closed it down (the alley was the restroom) and also the rent money was used for, wait for it… that’s right, METH!

When I lived there, I always told my friends, “Wouldn’t it be weird to be proud of where you came from?” and it was true. I hated the place, it did nothing for me or ANY of its youth and I ran away as soon as I could. But a couple years ago I realized that I was proud of where I came from because it was such a shithole. It motivated me to get out and see as much of the world as I could. Until I got trapped here (damnit). But I still have a sense of pride in knowing that I wanted to get out and do something with my life, and I think I did. I just bought my airline tickets for my 10-year high school reunion in July and I can’t wait to go back.