You Should Know: UUVVWWZ

uuvvwwzI recommend this band not because they are friends but because they could be important.

I first met Teal Gardner (lead singer, UUVVWWZ) through my friend and former AvantTrash co-author, AliUptown, when they were still in high school in Lincoln, NE. She had a creative and crazy energy that if channeled properly, I knew it could make some very interesting art. A few years later I found that to be true when I saw her play a very strange and noisy solo set, just her and a guitar at The Chatterbox (reincarned at The Bourbon). It might have even been an Open Mic Night that I was running sound for, I remember there were maybe 15 people in the whole place at that time. I turned to Anders, the drummer of the band I was in at the time, and said, “We need to start a band with this girl, she can sing her ass off.” Her guitar playing was minimal and ham-fisted, and there were a lot of weird, passionate squeals and tortured shrieky trills; but her voice had that quality that some singers just have and other singers work their whole lives trying to achieve. Graduation came a few months later and after a wanderlust trip to the West Coast to visit friends accidentally turned into my invitation to LA and that was that.

I later heard that a band had been formed by Teal and guitarist (and another former sound guy at The Chatterbox), Jim Schroeder. The fit couldn’t have been more perfect as. UUVVWWZ’s style is cemented by the compliment of Teal’s cacophonous creative crooning and copypasta lyrics with Jim’s prog-garage-psychedelic acid acrobatic soundscraps. The fertile ground for these postmodern melodies is given sonic stability soil by the fuzzed-to-death bass of Dustin Wilbourn (another Chatterbox sound guy) and new drummer David Ozinga. This rhythm section makes some very effective decisions with the limited amount of space it has been provided. Music this close to the edge of madness would easily be cluttered up by less-humble players.

A lot of bands seem to be really trying to be avant, noise, or weird for no reason. Somehow they must think that it pushes the boundaries of their genre or possibly they are genuinely pushing for something new. But what gives UU credibility is that they are actually pulling this all off. UUVVWWZ has been labeled as “avant blues” and makes good on that promise. And if this is the blues then Lincoln-Omaha is the new Mississippi Delta. Plan your boxcar journeys accordingly.

Below is a preview of their upcoming Saddle Creek release The Trusted Language out next Tuesday, Feb 5th. (February Tour Dates Below)

UUVVWWZ – Winter 2013 Tour Dates
Feb-08, Lincoln, NE, Bourbon Theatre
Feb-09, Omaha, NE, The Waiting Room
Feb-11, Boise, ID, Neurolux
Feb-12, Seattle, WA, Sunset Tavern
Feb-13, Portland, OR, Mississippi Studios
Feb-14, Eugene, OR, Black Forest
Feb-15, Arcata, CA, Facement
Feb-16, Pacifica, CA, Winter’s Tavern
Feb-17, San Francisco, CA, Thee Parkside
Feb-18, Los Angeles, CA, Central SAPC <–I’ll see you there!
Feb-19, San Diego, CA, Bar Eleven
Feb-20, Las Vegas, NV, Beauty Bar
Feb-21, Salt Lake City, UT, Kilby Court
Feb-22, Denver, CO
Feb-23, Lawrence, KS, The Bottleneck

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