UPDATED 9/9/11 – Great Scott! Ask and ye shall receive! Nike rewriting future history! Nike Air Mag to arrive in Twin Pines Mall today.

Because we at AvantTrash can see the future… In July of 2008 we reported on the special effects prototype of the Nike Air Mag up on eBay and the petition sent to Nike’s president urging the Beaverton sporting conglomerate to produce the shoe promised to us by Nostradamus Zemeckis back in 1989 with the release of Back to the Future pt II in which Marty McFly steps into the future with a pair of auto-lacing kicks with a luminescent logo. The single most important set of kicks in movie history (aside from Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez’ PF Flyers and Dorothy’s ruby slippers) are finally real and available to the public! We don’t have universal healthcare, holographic movies are a couple years yet to come and the Hoverboard doesn’t defy gravity just yet but it seems we will have the appropriate footwear for 2015 a couple years early. I suppose it’s better we get them now so we can enjoy them before the end of the world in 2012 anyway.

At 8:30 tonight at Nike’s Montalban Theatre, less than a block south of Hollywood and Vine, they will release the shoe produced as a direct result of the request of BTTF fans; 20+ and -4 years in the making. I know you’re probably thinking, “Hey butthead, It’s just a shoe. Why don’t you make like a tree and find something better to do.” and I’d absolutely have to agree! Sure, it’s just a shoe and yes they were probably made by little kids in a sweatshop in China (but like a really high tech sweatshop I’m sure!) but I think this release signifies something more than just our vociferously fetishized demand for pop culture myths to become a reality. I believe this is ample proof that A) BTTF is by far the greatest movie franchise ever (sorry George Lucas, the prequels dropped you down to #2) and B) the future is officially now! It’s time to celebrate! Call up your black mayor (or President) and have a Tab and watch a game of Slamball (the imaginary sport these shoes we’re originally meant for) on your tiny-and-huge TV.

And just maybe if we make it to 2015 the Cubs will actually win the World Series.

***UPDATE: 9/9/11*** – Great Scott! I’ve gone back to this post from the future to tell you that 1500 total Pairs of the Nike Air Mag are available at nikemag.ebay.com (150 a day for the next 10 days) with the benefits going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Marty McFly himself was on Letterman last night showing them off. Some pairs are going for $4,500 right now with some reaching upwards of $75,000. Some folks must have been big enough fans of BTTF to sell their house to buy a pair. I were rich I would buy a pair and not think twice. How often do you get a bonus this cool for donating to charity? I bet you could write it off as well.

And sadly they don’t auto-lace…yet. But they have a little over 3 years to perfect that.