Oh cruel Irony! Shark supporter eaten by Great White!

Hiiiii Guuuuy!Oh my sweet Darwinian Irony! An Hero for the protection of Sharks has been supposedly eaten by a great white! Wow! This story is like eating a fried Twinkie! It’s so terrible but you have to love when someone says, “Deadly nature, you are so beautiful! Let me give you a great big hug!” and nature says, “Yum! Human Sacrifice!”

In all seriousness though Shark Poaching is a serious problem because their numbers are scary low and Asians with tiny penises are harvesting them for JUST THEIR DORSAL FINS to put in a tasteless soup to give them VIRILITY! In many cases they discard the rest of the fish.

But the worst part about it is the disgusting, painful, inhuman, brutal way that they are harvested. The company I work for designed the packaging for a documentary called SHARKWATER which I highly recommend. But here is the original article:

GuardianUK via HuffPo:

A snorkeller is believed to have been snatched by a shark as he swam last weekend with his son at a beach south of Perth. Witnesses reported seeing a dorsal fin and thrashing in the water before the sea turned red and the man vanished at the scene on Australia‘s west coast.

Father-of three Brian Guest, 51, who had campaigned for many years for the protection of sharks, had been looking for crabs on yesterday morning with his 24-year-old son when he was attacked about 30 metres from the shore.

Luke Tubbs told how a witness ran to his house in shock and screaming for help: “He just saw a big splash and then the shark roll over in the water with the guy and then [he saw] no body or anything.”

The Earth Will Take Care of Itself.