You Should Know: Brimstone Howl

If success can be gauged by the company you keep then Nebraska’s Dirty-Punk/ Aggro-Blues Rockers Brimstone Howl are already legends. Their 7″ for Blood on the Rocks, Bones in the River was recorded back in 2006 by wunderkind Texas garage rocker Jay Reatard. You’ll have to hook a lie detector to most hipsters who would claim they even knew who Reatard was back then. Since then they have recorded 2007′s Guts Of Steel with producer Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and this year’s We Came In Peace produced by Jim Diamond who co-produced the first two White Stripes records.

They have opened for most of the bands mentioned above and have toured Europe extensively in the last couple years. Domestically they have been regular South By Southwest renegades playing bars and house parties outside of the Austin festival’s officially sanctioned events. This underground ethic recently got Brimstone and their Alive Records cohorts recognized by Rolling Stone‘s “Smoking Section” and described them as a “Cross between The Clash and The Misfits. Part fuzz, part grunge and a machine gun back beat.”

Brimstone’s lineup has had quite a few changes since it began in the Early ’00s back in Grand Island, NE but throughout the process singer/guitarist John Ziegler and drummer Calvin Retzlaff have been the core members since first incarnation Caesar the Greaser and into their rechristening as the Zyklon Bees. Unfortunately the Jewish anti-defamation league got their bagels in a bunch and didn’t find their name as clever as the rest of the world (And that is a fucking clever name). A legally threatening letter later and their resurrection came as Brimstone Howl. Their current lineup is rounded by bassist Matt Shaughnessy and Nick Waggoner on Guitar and Harmonica who joined the band before he was even close to being allowed into a bar.

Recognizing the buzz behind BH, underground Icon and notorious sleezeball Kim Fowley even blessed their arrival to the Mondo Hollywood festival at the Knitting Factory this year. He would later try to use their popularity (and prime stage spot) in self-promotion. If people think you are good enough to attach their star to around here it must be a sign of imminent success.

Friday, December 19th: Brimstone Howl will be playing at Sokol Hall in Omaha, NE with The Faint and The Show Is The Rainbow. A limited run of 500 copies of their most recent album We Came In Peace is now available on limited edition purple vinyl at Bomp! Mailorder. I suggest you snatch it up.

2 thoughts on “You Should Know: Brimstone Howl

  1. Nick and I were in a short lived band named “King Henry the VIII and the Bastards of Yore”.

    We almost took over the world, but like true punks, disbanded after recording the greatest song in the world (apologies to Tenacious D, of course) and after one live, acoustic performance.