Obama to America: “Can We Kick It?”

America: “Yes We Can”

I just wanted to take this opportunity to get overzealously political and endorse the shit out of Barack Obama…

War hero smores hero, John McCain is a weasel-faced, scum-raping piece of shit. I wish that McMelanoma would eat his haggard face and finish the VC’s Job. What we need in America is NOT a rich, white Republican who doesn’t give a FUCK about the middle class. He can’t even count how many houses he has! We need a man who came from the middle class and will be forced to acknowledge the real America! This country is broken from the ground up. And it’s something that can’t be seen from where John McCain and Mitt Romney sit.

Where does this asshole get off making a career milking sympathy off of people who think that being tortured buys you patroitism. Last I checked DYING TO PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY does that. McCorpse was just a shitty soldier for getting caught. Why does torture buy you a free pass to say dumbass shit like ‘we should stay in Iraq another 10 years’. Why? So we can add to the 4,140 soldiers we have lost OVER NOTHING. Or we can alienate any friends we have left and plunge even further into debt and recession to advance the WEAPONS and OIL industries. (Who donate graciously to BOTH parties.)

We lost Iraq. Just like Vietnam, we shouldn’t have been there. The Republicans fucked us again and made their friends rich in the process. The Democrats fell for the patriotism trick and went along for the ride until the public figured out it was bullshit. So now we’re fucked. Time to put our tail between our legs AND GO THE FUCK HOME! Our money is needed HERE! In our abandoned public education system, In our insurance and pharmecutical lobby raped healthcare system and most importantly in our own ailing ENVIRONMENT.

I say we kick those old fucks out! It’s time for CHANGE!


…and maybe in 2012 we don’t have to elect ANYONE controlled by a political party.

4 thoughts on “Obama to America: “Can We Kick It?”

  1. I also want to take the opportunity to endorse the shit out of T.J. Roe.

    A good man, he is.

    Did you see those white supremacist douche bags who got busted for plotting to kill Obama at his acceptance speech (according to initial, could be overreaction, news reports?)

  2. Thanks for the endorsement MaT. You’re a shoe-in for my running mate in 2016. Oh dear god, I’ll be old enough to be elected!

    Any attempts on his life will be great YouTube videos of the Secret Service in REAL force. Fox News’ wishful thinking. Yeah probably bullshit. Most of those Nazis just want attention.

    I heard a great quote today but can’t place it. Someone said, “I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate most people, and there are so many better reasons to hate someone than the color of their skin.”

    I like that one.