To Do in L.A. – ‘Forbidden Zone’ at the Egyptian Theatre, July 30th

I shouldn’t have to tell you anything more than this: Danny Elfman is Satan.

Now you know what you’re going to be doing in L.A. this Wednesday the 30th at 8 pm. You’re going to see Forbidden Zone at the Egyptian. Not convinced? Here’s the trailer…

Forbidden ZoneYou need more? Needy bastard…sheesh. Well here is an AMAZING write-up from No Smoking in the Skull Cave. If I was in town Wednesday night, which I won’t be, I’d be walking the 2 blocks to Hollywood Blvd to see this movie. As if that trailer and this photoshop vomit of a poster aren’t enough then how about some special guests? This is Hollywood after all and you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone famous. There will be a Q&A with Director Richard Elfman, I’m sure some actors from the film will be there and its rumored that there may be an appearance by Jack Skellington’s singing voice himself, brother Danny Elfman.

I’d first heard about this movie from Brian Ibbott’s excellent Coverville Podcast. And other than that I’ve heard it described as cheesier than Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment put together. The Soundtrack is provided by early Oingo Boingo back when it was The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo.

And perhaps the secret weapon of this film… HervĂ© Fucking Villechaize. Tattoo from Fantasy Island’s ghost will be in the theatre with you.

Animation, Blackface, Nudity! Bring the kids!

WED JULY 30th, 8:00 PM
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater

Official Website:
Tickets Available at Fandango.

“Just keep telling yourself, It’s only a movie…that will have you living in the 6th dimension… Living in the wrong direction… The Forbidden Zone.”

3 thoughts on “To Do in L.A. – ‘Forbidden Zone’ at the Egyptian Theatre, July 30th

  1. They showed a Trailer for it at the Egyptian Yesterday. I went to see Bullitt (1968 w/Steve McQueen) and it ended up being a double feature with Point Blank (1967 with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson) Violence so sweet. Scratchy prints. Movie Heaven.

    The Art Director of the 2 pics got up between the shows and did a Q&A. Good Stuff.