I can’t stop watching THE WIRE and I haven’t designed shit all week.

Oh man. Its been a really wierd week at work. We have a bunch of big projects coming up and the studios have been pushing back production dates so I haven’t designed anything all week! I always thought it would be an awesome job to do nothing but thats only if I could leave the office and enjoy these beautiful California days!

What I have actually been doing is researching dvd box sets because next week we will be working on concepts for the packaging of The Complete Series of THE WIRE. My brain is fried. I’ve imagined a few really good comps and some questionable ones but what we are basically hoping for is something as brilliant as the packaging for Six Feet Under.

Six Feet Under: The Complete Series

Do you see that brilliant shit!? Its a grave, underground! Astroturf! An Itty Bitty Headstone! DAMN! So yeah, we have some work to be done. We worked on some concepts for the Sopranos Box Set a couple months ago… but we didn’t get the contract. Then again. They wouldn’t listen to my ideas of either just putting the gun from the Title Treatment on the cover (really big) – OR – my favorite idea which was putting the whole thing into a coffin. I guess it was kinda close to the six feet under idea and a little bit like season 2 of Deadwood but then again, the Sopranos came first, and those two ideas seemed to work. So whatever, don’t listen to me.

Pretty soon I will post a short list of the best packaging that i’ve come across in my research this week. In the meanwhile, I will be watching even more of The Wire. Last night I jumped ahead and watched one of the episodes that HASN’T EVEN AIRED YET! It kinda spoiled a couple surprises for me with the 5th season but not too badly. I keep telling myself that this is actually a perk of the job (one of very few). If you haven’t seen this show then you are definitely missing out. Season 5 comes to DVD this summer. I could show you what it looks like, but assumedly HBO would have me killed. And I rather enjoy designing their DVDs. Its actually the one thing that I feel I’ve really achieved. And it kinda makes me feel like I pulled a fast one over on them. Sometimes I feel like I still don’t know shit.

For your HBO viewing amusement, here is Ask A Ninja’s ode to some of the shows that we’ve been working on the designs for:

6 thoughts on “I can’t stop watching THE WIRE and I haven’t designed shit all week.

  1. I’d never seen that box set before. Now I want it more than anything. Good luck coming up with a design for the Wire.

  2. Thanks Braden, I came up with 4 pretty solid ideas and a couple with one of my co-workers who did Season 4. Nothing in our minds is as great as the Six Feet Under yet but HBO handed down quite a few price restrictions as far as the kind of things we can add to the packaging. But we have some schemes in the works that we hope they will bite. I still don’t know how I ended up doing this stuff.

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